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Chapter 3, Exploring UML, of 'User Mode Linux'

Learn how to add and swap space, as well as mounting filesystems from the host without rebooting UML.

User Mode Linux can teach you how to create virtual Linux machines within a Linux computer. Learn how to perform basic administrative tasks, as well as configuration, security and more. Author Jeff Dike started the UML project in 1999 and has been maintaining it ever since.

Chapter 3 -- "Exploring UML" -- of User Mode Linux explains the differences and similarities between UML and a physical Linux machine.

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Chapter 3, titled, "Exploring UML", is excerpted from User Mode Linux by Jeff Dike, part of the Bruce Perens' Open Source Series, published in April, 2006, by Prentice Hall Professional (ISBN: 0-13-186505-6). Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission by Pearson Education. To see a complete Table of Contents, click here.

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