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Chapter 2, Hardening the operating system, from "How to Cheat at Securing Linux"

Secure your Linux sever, starting with the operating system. Get the essential how-to information from this excerpt from "How to Cheat at Securing Linux" by James Stanger.

How to Cheat at Securing Linux (Syngress) Don't believe the myth about Linux servers being more secure than Windows servers. With an increasing number of high-severity security vulnerabilities being discovered on Linux servers, which now account for a third of all network servers worldwide, administrators must act diligently to ensure system security. The latest in the How to Cheat series, How to Cheat at Securing Linux, is a highly relevant resource and the only book on Linux security to come out in the past few years. Discover why securing Linux means "measure twice, cut once" and get essential how-to on hardening the operating system, implementing an intrusion detection system and defending databases.

Chapter 2 – Hardening the operating system – author James Stanger covers Linux upgrade packs; bug fixes; enabling and disabling features; blocking ports; hardening the system using Bastille; controlling root access; Sudo; SELinux; firewalls and much more.

Read the chapter in this PDF.

Printed with permission from Syngress, a division of Elsevier. How to Cheat at Securing Linux, by James Stanger, September 30, 2007 (ISBN 1597492078). Copyright © 2008.

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