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ASHRAE considerations for data centers

Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers

As a member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 9 of Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers written and published by ASHRAE. This chapter, " Acoustical Noise Emissions," will help solidify a comprehensive data center strategy and ensure that your project runs efficiently and smoothly.

Acoustical Noise Emissions

Book description:

The issue of sound in data centers is usually overlooked. Typically, data center managers are more concerned with how much heat their equipment is pumping out and not how much sound their machines are making. While it may seem like a secondary issue, noise emission in the data center can be just as crippling as high temperatures. Overheated servers may cause hardware problems but auditory problems can cause workers to lose productivity, which can be just as damaging to any company.

Chapter 9 of Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers, presented exclusively for SearchDataCenter members, provides an important overview of acoustical considerations, as well as providing advice and resources for data center managers, which will keep data centers running quietly and smoothly.

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