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Special report: Data Center Decisions 2005

Coverage of our Data Center Decisions Conference 2005 in New York. Get your news and presentation downloads here!

News and articles

It's the cabling, stupid!
Why ignoring your networking cables could be the dumbest thing you ever do.

Data center manager wanted: Communication skills required
Data center managers with technical backgrounds need to pick up soft skills like communication and business competence to manage IT systems in the on-demand environment.

Bad location puts data center security at risk
Sometimes, it's good to be paranoid. An expert identifies the potential physical security weaknesses in your data center -- such as poor location.

Will bad batteries be your undoing?
Your UPS is more vulnerable than you think, so don't neglect your most likely point of failure -- the batteries.

ITIL worship: The new set of best practices
The IT Infrastructure Library might seem like a large and unyielding set of best practices, but attendees at the recent Data Center Decisions say its benefits go past helping to meet compliance regulations.

The virtual reality of virtualization
Virtualization has become such a hot topic that many data center managers see it as a panacea, without taking into account just how early in its lifecycle the technology actually is.


The on-demand/utility data center: Optimizing the economics
Rob Schafer Speaker - Author - Research Analyst & Advisor - Consultant
Explore the economic, technological, and organizational challenges of the On-Demand/Utility Data Center.

Negotiating a successful data center outsourcing arrangement
Brad PetersonPartner • Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw LLP
Outsourcing can save money. However, it can also increase costs, lose control of your company's central nervous system and increase business risk.

Making Windows work in the data center
Kackie CohenConsultant
Many organizations are moving from Unix and Linux platforms to Windows platforms in the data center. What's behind this migration to Microsoft technology?

Data center planning in 2005
Kelley BoydInfrastructure Architect • Noble Strategies
Criteria you could, should, and must consider when designing your main distribution facility.

Some like it hot - but not in the data center
Robert E. McFarlaneInterport Division President • Shen, Milsom & Wilke, Inc.
The rash of products claiming to solve the cooling problem nearly rivals the "low carb" craze, but server crashes and network outages due to overheating are nothing to laugh about.

Making the most of IT negotiations
Jeff GordonNegotiator
The Subject Matter Expert (SME) plays a key role in IT negotiations; find out why and how to best be a SME.

Server technology trends, vendor performance & spending data
Bob GillManaging Director • TheInfoPro
Get the inside line on vendor ratings, spending data, attitudes and expectations of server virtualization, server sectors, and future technology.

Data center physical security design in a post 9-11 environment
Thor A. MollungManaging Director, Security Consultant • MollungSystemsManagement
Think your data center design is as tight as it could be? Learn more about how security professionals are designing for today's data centers.

Securing your corporate data in an age of hackers, worms and angry employees
Pete LindstromResearch Director • Spire Security, LLC.
Everything you need to know (and more) about data center security.

Preparing for disaster or the auditor … whichever comes first
Dorian Cougias • CEO • Network Frontiers
Learn how to prepare your organization for upcoming audits, potential threats, and other risks.

Case study: Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful outsourcing arrangements
Frank Enfanto • Vice President, Health Care Services Systems Delivery • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
What makes some outsourcing arrangments work, while others are problematic? Find out.

The shocking truth about backup power (Why just buying a UPS is no guarantee)
Robert E. McFarlaneInterport Division President • Shen, Milsom & Wilke, Inc.
This session explores the ways in which your UPS can fail you, how the gaps can be plugged, and how to get maximum reliability for the dollars you spend.

Virtualization: Motivations and cost
Tony IamsVice President and Senior Analyst • Ideas International
Virtualization is more than just the buzzword of the year. It potentially represents a fundamental transformation of IT operations.

Putting the new computing model to work for your company
Dave PultorakPresident • Fox IT
Adaptive enterprise, on demand, dynamic systems, organic infrastructure, utility computing, real-time enterprise, or N1 -- the trend is clear, implementing the new computing model is now necessary for enterprises to survive in this century.

Recoverability -- from the application up
Richard ScannellVice President of Corporate Development and Strategy • GlassHouse Technologies, Inc.
Find out why the recoverability of a business application is critical to any backup and recovery plan.

Coping with compliance
Dr. Adrian BowlesPrincipal Research Fellow, IT Strategy & Management • Robert Frances Group
Learn how IT executives can more effectively deal with with compliance needs of the enterprise's IT organization.

Real life experiences: Lessons learned in disaster recovery planning
Debbie SchwartzManager of Broker Systems • GFI Group
It's better to learn lessons about disaster recovery planning from others than learning for yourself the hard way, particularly when it comes to keeping disaster recovery implementations up-to-date with new and changing business needs.

Implementing the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in today's data center
Rich SchiesserFounder • RWS Enterprises, Inc
Stuck on how to actually implement ITIL? Learn the 18 key infrastructure processes and how to assess whether or not you are using best practices to employ them.

Putting new technologies to work in your data center
Carrie HigbieGlobal Network Applications Market Manager • The Siemon Company
Get an in depth view of the new TIA data center standard, components involved, and best practices for design.

Thoughts on the future of the data center
Thornton MayFuturist
Explore the changing face of the data center and future data center scenarios.

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