LinuxWorld Special Report: Open Solutions Summit, Feb. 14-15

Check out our LinuxWorld Special Report, covering the world of Linux and open source at the Open Solutions Summit In New York City.

Get the latest on Novell and SUSE, Red Hat, IBM, HP, Linux and virtualization, Samba4, open source security and applications and much more from these reports on the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York City.

LinuxWorld previews

LinuxWorld preview: Sun dishes on Linux identity management
By Jack Loftus,
Sun identity management guru Terry Sigle is speaking at LinuxWorld later this week, but first, he told what IT managers should know about Linux and ID management today.

LinuxWorld preview: Samba4 makes Active Directory Linux-friendlier
By Jack Loftus,
In this preview of Gerald Carter's LinuxWorld session, the Samba Team member dishes on progress with Samba 4.0, Active Directory domains and his work with Centeris.

LinuxWorld stories

Open Source Alliance founded to foster OSS interoperability
By Mimi Yeh,
Interoperability is the noble mission of the new Open Solutions Alliance, unveiled today at LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit. In this Q&A, an OSA founding member -- Josef Mitja of Openbravo -- explains how and why the group plans to achieve interoperability between open source apps.

LinuxWorld: Samba guru says be lazy, use Winbind
By Jack Loftus,
Jerry Carter, release manager for Samba 3.0, wants you to get lazy and take advantage of what Microsoft has already perfected with user authentication and Active Directory.

LinuxWorld: Samba's Jerry Carter talks Samba's future
By Jack Loftus,
Check out this impromptu interview with Jerry Carter at LinuxWorld. Carter talks Samba'a future, "Kerberization" and how he reads the Microsoft tea leaves for future Samba updates.

Reporter's Notebook: Open Solutions Summit, Day One
By Jack Loftus,
Blizzard conditions, Samba updates and Windows interoperability, as well as a trendy Linux Internet tablet greet reporter Jack Loftus at LinuxWorld, day one.

LinuxWorld: Product potpourri
By Jack Loftus, is live from the exhibition floor this week with a roundup of the latest products and services to come out of the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit.

LinuxWorld: Managing mixed source software stacks
By Jack Loftus,
Speaking at LinuxWorld, senior Linux architect Russell Pavlicek shared his thoughts about integrating open source software into a traditional 'closed source' environment.

LinuxWorld: IBM shrinks the data center with Linux, System p5 560Q
By Jack Loftus,
At LinuxWorld, IBM's Adam Jollans told that his company aspires to shrink the physical data center footprint with a mix of new hardware, virtualization and Linux.

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