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HP Technology Forum 2009 conference coverage

SearchDataCenter.com covers Hewlett-Packard's (HP) Technology Forum 2009 in Las Vegas from the show floor.

HP Technology Forum 2009 conference

The 2009 HP Technology Forum conference took place June 15-18 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas. SearchDataCenter.com staff was on hand to cover the event, including the keynote, sessions and other news from the show floor.


HP demos its new SL line of ProLiant servers
HP's new SL line of ProLiant servers can cram 16 processor cores into 1U of server space. This video demo shows how it's done.

HP demonstrates POD, its containerized data center
HP shows off its Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD), which is its version of a data center in a shipping container.

Active Power's PowerHouse backup power product in a shipping container
Active Power demonstrates PowerHouse, which includes UPS, transfer switches and a generator all packed into a standard shipping container.


HP user group Connect president reflects on group gains
Nina Buik talks about how the merger of three HP user groups has gone, and what to expect from Connect down the road.

Itanium processor delays put HP's plans in question
Repeated Intel Itanium delays have some HP Integrity server shops wondering whether the company should re-think its processor options.

HP pushes mainframe migration hard at Tech Forum
There is no doubt that Hewlett-Packard and its software vendors have IBM in its sights, particularly trying to convince users that migrating off the mainframe is a good idea.

Powering up your blade servers: some interesting numbers
Sometimes when it looks like two similar blade configurations would consume the same amount of power, they don't. Also: What's the maximum power draw for an HP BladeSystem?

HP users mostly apathetic to Oracle-Sun impending merger
Many Hewlett-Packard users at the HP Technology Forum last week were mostly apathetic about Oracle acquiring Sun, but there were exceptions.

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