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Gartner Data Center Conference 2010 coverage

Check out our coverage of Gartner's 2010 Data Center Conference, including the latest on data center infrastructure and cloud computing, unified computing, and IBM's zBX.

LAS VEGAS -- Check out SearchDataCenter.com’s coverage of Gartner's 2010 Data Center Conference, including the latest info on data center infrastructure and cloud computing, unified computing, and more.


Server refresh cycles may get longer
Some data center managers are extending the period between server refreshes as a result of a lackluster economy and the increasing popularity of virtualization. Attendees of the Gartner Data Center Conference had mixed reactions to trying longer server refresh cycles, citing conflicts with business processes as a main hindrance.

  • Is the recession keeping a lid on a data center staffing crisis?
    According to Gartner attendees, the recession could actually be helping companies keep a very important set of workers. And the issues with data center staffing don’t stem from an aging workforce, as many executives believe.    

  • Data center CO2 metric CUE hits the streets
    The Green Grid, creator of the Power Usage Effectiveness metric, has come up with two new measurements for tracking carbon emissions and water use: the Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) metrics. While many members of the IT community remain unmoved, CUE could prove its worth in data center site selections.

  • Gartner: Mainframers don’t care about zEnterprise blades
    Although IBM predicts a strong Q4 for zEnterprise sales, a live poll taken at the Gartner Data Center Conference begged to differ. Big Blue should also be disappointed to hear reactions to the BladeCenter Extension, which were unenthusiastic at best. 

  • Gartner: Rookie mistakes to avoid
    Gartner analysts gave their take on the most common mistakes IT managers make on server virtualization projects and how they can be avoided. Blunders include starting a virtualization project without having a SAN or shared storage in place.

  • Gartner: Converged infrastructure push will intensify, hide your wallet
    If you’re considering converged infrastructure platforms, Gartner is sending out a warning to proceed cautiously. The top converged systems players probably already have a chunk of your data center budget, and jumping into an all-in-one box could very easily reduce your long-term options.

  • Data center cost reduction strategies from Gartner
    A Gartner Data Center Conference audience poll revealed that despite a tough economy, many IT managers still haven’t learned how to properly account for IT costs. And you might be surprised by who Gartner points to as the best budget handlers. The data also revealed a need for asset management tools that can help automate tasks for over-burdened data center managers.

  • Data center facilities equipment and design stats from Gartner conference
    Attendees at the Gartner Data Center Conference share information on their data center facility technologies, including types of fire suppression systems and cleaning agents used, PUE measurements, cooling systems, and data center power budgets.

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