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ASHRAE 2009 data center winter conference coverage

SearchDataCenter.com is on site covering data center issues from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) winter 2009 conference in Chicago.

Data center infrastructure coverage from the 2009 ASHRAE Winter Conference

The 2009 ASHRAE Winter Conference takes place Jan. 24-28 in Chicago. SearchDataCenter.com staff is on hand to cover data center infrastructure issues from the event, including stories on data center power, data center cooling and other data center facilities topics.


Data center cabinets part of data center design equation
Optimum data center design, airflow and cooling involves server cabinets too, say ASHRAE's TC 9.9 members.

Data centers slow to warm to liquid cooling
While liquid cooling has gained traction as a way to reduce data center power consumption, getting buy-in for the method remains an uphill battle.

ASHRAE TC 9.9 expands temperature ranges
ASHRAE's TC 9.9 has expanded its recommended data center temperature and humidity ranges. But data center operators may not care.

Monitoring data center contamination is central issue at ASHRAE conference
Engineers highlighted the contaminants that can build up in data centers and what to monitor.


Data center server fan speed redux
A member of ASHRAE's TC 9.9 delves into the cost savings derived over time from reducing fan speed.

Using perforated tiles in hot aisles
Since ASHRAE has expanded the temperature guidelines for data centers, perforated tiles in hot aisles -- typically a no-no for hot-aisle/cold-aisle configurations -- could be a temporary solution.

New ASHRAE temperature guidelines
ASHRAE has devised new guidelines for ambient data center temperatures, but the increases could create more noise to block out.

Data center corrosion
While some engineers warn about the dangers of data center particulates and gaseous contamination, not all ASHRAE attendees hear the alarm bell.

TC 9.9 takes lead on data center cooling
At ASHRAE's annual conference, Technical Committee 9.9 will present on several data center infrastructure topics, including power and cooling.

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