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AFCOM's Data Center World 2008 conference coverage

SearchDataCenter.com covers AFCOM's Data Center World 2008 conference in Orlando, Fla., from the show floor.

Data Center World 2008 conference coverage

The 2008 Data Center World conference takes place Oct. 5-7 at the Marriott Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. SearchDataCenter.com staff is on hand to cover the event, including the keynote, sessions and other news from the show floor.


Liebert showcases cold-aisle containment
Liebert discusses its new cold-aisle containment technology and its benefits compared with hot-aisle containment.

Eaton discusses paralleling UPSes
Eaton discusses the benefits of paralleling UPSes of different sizes, enabling users to manage their backup power capacity according to their needs.

Degree Controls intros data center cooling service
Degree Controls, a coooling consulting company, discusses its services, including choosing site location, CMD analysis and more..

APC exec discusses data center voltage options
Rob Bunger of APC discusses different voltage options for data centers, including alternating current (AC) options to increase power distribution efficiency.

PDU Cables boasts of better cable seal grommets than KoldLok
PDU Cables' Duncan Lee discusses his company's new cable seat grommets, which were released at this year's Data Center World show.

Data Center World: Key theme at show is economic downturn
One of the key themes at this year's AFCOM's Data Center World conference is the economic downturn and its implications for data centers. This video explores the theme in light of our Data Center Decisions 2008 Purchasing Intentions survey findings.


Harley-Davidson unpacks data center construction myths
Harley-Davidson discussed the five data center myths it had to deconstruct as the company consolidated several data centers and built a new one.

Economic downturn: Will data centers survive -- even thrive?
At Data Center World, keynote panelists discussed the impact of the economic downturn on data centers, including the possible increase in data center green initiatives.

What's on tap at TC9.9
ASHRAE's Technical Committee 9.9 is a go-to resource for best practices and information on power and cooling. SearchDataCenter.com interview TC9.9's new chairman, Fred Stack, in this interview.

Data Center World preview
This year's AFCOM show puts the economic downturn front and center and counsels data centers on surviving in a flagging economy. Here's SearchDataCenter.com's preview roundup of the show details, keynote and sessions.


Liebert, Aperture, Future Facilities join forces
The three data center facilities providers announced a deal that they hope will make them the leaders in data center prototyping and design.

DataSite opens doors to new colocation facility
SearchDataCenter.com tours DataSite's new 130,000-square-foot colocation facility in Orlando, Fla.

AFCOM CEO says data center now integral to business
At Data Center World, AFCOM CEO Jill Eckhaus discussed data center trends, including the greater alignment of data center operations with company-wide objectives.

Building a data center's legislative branch
AFCOM presenter Paul Clark argues for the creation of a data center decision-making team.

Going green at Data Center World
Among other important themes at Data Center World were going greena and corporate citizenship.

Data Center World: The hot sessions
Based on a survey of attendees, here are the sessions attracting the greatest interest at AFCOM's Data Center World.

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