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Test your knowledge of hyper-converged technologies

Hyper-converged and converged systems continue to make their way into the data center. Test yourself on the current market, and major differences between the two tecnologies.

The hyper-converged data center -- along with converged infrastructure -- is rising in popularity, and may displace traditional IT infrastructure in the future. Vendors and industry pros throw around the terms so frequently that their meanings seem lost and their benefits buried under layers of rhetorical fog and excessive promotion. So, why are people talking so much about these infrastructure setups?

Simple: It's the promises that they offer. By bundling the fundamental pieces of compute, storage, networking and management software together, hyper-converged and converged systems and software decrease the complexity and cost of deploying and running virtualized workloads. This means less time spent configuring and troubleshooting outages and, in turn, a more productive IT staff. However, a converged system varies from the hyper-converged data center. Test your knowledge with our short quiz below.

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