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Sever virtualization quiz: Question 4

4. Which server virtualization vendor currently offers the broadest x86 virtualization functions and mature virtualization management tools?

a) Xen
b) VMmare
c) IBM Advanced POWER Virtualization
d) Microsoft Virtual Server

Answer: B

VMare has been in the game longer than anyone else in the recent x86 virtualization push. But that is not to say that everyone else is just playing catch-up. Other vendors' platforms are useful for different purposes and boast their own advantages, such as open source code, OS specific compatibility, and chip specific compatibility.

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Then, of course, there are the free versions might be viable options if price is a concern or if a simple testing platform is all that's required. At any rate, the VM market is filling up with a number of vendors offering virtualization with their own stamps. It is up to consumers to decide what their data centers require.

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