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Server virtualization quiz: Question 8

Answer o server virtualization quiz: Question 8

8. Virtual Iron's use of Infiniband technology does which of the following:

a) It provides support for Xen open source virtualization.
b) It provides virtualization at the chip level.
c) It provides 64 bit storage relief.
d) It provides the ability to create a single, large virtual machine spanning many physical systems.

Answer: D

The standout feature from Virtual Iron is touted as beneficial to IT shops that run applications that fare better in clustered environments. This is accomplished by linking a number of physical servers together, allowing for greater parallel processing power.

More on vendor offerings:
Virtualization startup focuses on SMP, management
This approach differs from other virtualization products on the market that emphasize different aspects of the same basic approach. That is, their strategy is to allow multiple virtual machines function on a singly physical server.

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