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Server virtualization quiz: Question 6

Answer to server virtualization quiz: Question 6

6. For cost-benefit and performance reasons, it's best to start virtualization on servers with what kind of workloads? Choose the best response.

a) lightly loaded servers
b) servers with medium loads
c) heavily loaded servers
d) none, virtualization has no cost or performance benefits.

Answer: A

Virtualization of lightly-loaded servers onto one machine makes better economic sense and allows data center managers to iron out performance issues with less impact than if heavily-loaded servers were virtualized first. This is especially true considering that when workloads on virtual machines are consolidated to physical servers, it does have an effect on performance.

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View the physical server as an apartment complex or hotel. When it is only partially occupied, there is a tremendous waste of space and underutilized resources. But load it up with more occupants (virtual servers), there is better efficiency, but hallways bottleneck, parking is tighter, and hot water is used up quicker, increasing the need for more of the same kinds of resources or system redundancies.

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