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How well do you know Linux commands and tools?

How well do you know Linux? Network and systems administrators can test their understanding of Linux commands and configuration utilities with this quiz.


SEL 2009 Top 50 commands

Welcome to the SearchEnterpriseLinux.com top 50 commands quiz. ...
1. Which of these would a systems administrator not use to evaluate a system's free memory  Required Question
2. Which of these would you use to search a file system from a cached lookup to find related files?  Required Question
3. Which command would you use to give variables attributes?  Required Question
4. What command is used in Linux to view files based on the concept of concatenation?  Required Question
5. Which of these would you use to rename a file?  Required Question
6. Which of these would you use to find information about a command?  Required Question
7. Which one of these is a terminal multiplexer?  Required Question
8. In the case of a security problem, which of these would you use to shut down a network interface?  Required Question
9. What command searches for patterns in a file and processes them?  Required Question
10. Which of these is a GNOME graphical user interface network administration tool?  Required Question

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