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Data center economizer quiz tests how cool you are

Using an economizer in your data center could improve operations. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the technology and how it cools a hot data center.

Implementing a data center economizer will do a lot of good for your facility, but sometimes the pleasure isn't worth the pain.

Big names like Facebook and Intel use air economizers in their data centers. Facebook's Prineville, Ore. initiative uses a data center economizer during seasons with low humidity, alongside other green efforts like reused server heat and proprietary UPS technology. Intel governed a proof-of-concept test with an air economizer to reduce server heat. Intel's results indicated success and the company foresees using a data center economizer in future high-density facilities.

Energy Star air-side economozer
Diagram of an Energy Star air-side economizer

Take this quiz to see what an economizer can do for your data center, and if your location is conducive to the effects.

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