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Data center design and infrastructure classroom 101 quiz

This brief quiz on data center design and infrastructure tests your knowledge of server virtualization technology, virtualization deployment and hardware considerations for a virtual environment.

This quiz allows you to test your knowledge of data center design and infrastructure, and covers server virtualization technology, deployment and hardware considerations for a virtual environment.

1. Which of the following is not a benefit of server virtualization technology?

2. A higher server consolidation ratio means you need ______ to support your data center's servers.

3. Typically, you want to have ______ resource usage on your virtual host servers for maximum efficiency.

4. In many virtual environments, ______ poses constraints in implementation.

5. In general, quad-core CPUs are recommended for virtual hosts because ______.

6. Virtual hosts often require several network interface cards , ______ storage adapters for maximum reliability and large amounts of memory available to support the virtual machines running on them.

7. When implementing virtualization, a server must provide ample memory space for the ______.

8. Server virtualization has proven to reduce data center capital and operational expenses assuming the consolidation ratio offsets the cost of _______.

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