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Containers vs. colocation vs. cloud: Find your data center's match

Colocation, cloud or containers? Data centers have plenty of expansion options beyond building a new facility. But which is right for your workload?

It isn't easy to grow a data center infrastructure. Servers, storage and networking equipment have unique needs and security requirements. So when you need more space, and a new build isn't on the corporate roadmap, your options are to add containerized or modular data centers, contract with a colocation provider or host workloads on a cloud platform.

Not sure about the pros and cons of colocation vs. cloud, containers vs. colo, hosted cloud vs. containers and how they'll fit your enterprise IT needs? We've put together a personality quiz -- for your IT workloads to find their match.

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Disclaimer: Much like the Lord of the Rings personality quiz that you took on Facebook last week, our cloud, colocation or container build-out quiz may not be exact for every enterprise. It's meant to aid enterprise IT in assessing particular needs and growth options. If you got Legolas and you still think you're more of a Frodo, we'll take your word for it.

This was last published in February 2014

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