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What's hot in new open source apps

In this audiocast, open source author/guru Bernard Golden will discuss high-payoff open source applications. Get the scoop on ActiveGrid, Jasper Reports, Xen and other products on the horizon -- products everyone will be talking about next year, but you can find out about now.

Today, there are about 100,000 open source products in release or development covering almost every imaginable IT application. IT pros should consider open source alternatives whenever they're shopping for software. But which applications are right for your company?

In this audiocast interview with TechTarget's Paul Gillin, open source author and guru Bernard Golden discusses high-payoff open source applications that every IT organization should be considering. Get the scoop here on new players like the ActiveGrid application servier, Jasper Reports report writer and Xen virtual machine monitor.

Bernard GoldenBernard

Bernard will also talk about why the open source phenomenon has gained so much momentum in the last couple of years and what it means for the future of software development. Open source is changing everything. Tune in to this audiocast to find out why.

Download the audio seminar here.

This audio download is brought to you by SearchEnterpriseLinux.com and moderated by Paul Gillin, Vice President and Group Publisher, TechTarget Data Center Media and TechTarget Networking Media.

About the author:
Bernard Golden is CEO of Navica Inc., a systems integration firm specializing in open source software based San Ramon, Calif. He founded Navica in 2001 after two decades starting and building successful IT-related organizations. Bernard is the author of Succeeding with Open Source (Addison-Wesley, August 2004), and the creator of the Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM), a formalized method of locating, assessing and implementing open source software. He has previously served as a Venture Partner for an international venture fund and has senior executive positions in a number of private and public software companies, including Informix, Uniplex Software and Deploy Solutions.

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