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What PernixData FVP says about flash memory storage's future

Flash memory storage and data center automation take center stage in this inaugural podcast with 'Modern Infrastructure' editors.

How can we use flash memory storage better with virtualization? That's the question that PernixData FVP answered for Modern Infrastructure Impact Award judges.

The recent Modern Infrastructure Bright Idea Impact Award recognized PernixData's Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) product for its ability to cache both reads and writes as part of improving flash memory storage and, in turn, data center performance.

Join editors from the Modern Infrastructure e-zine as they discuss the Impact Awards, flash storage and data center automation in this inaugural podcast.

Expert Bob Plankers talks about the winning product from PernixData as well as the trends around using small amounts of flash memory storage judiciously in a virtual data center. He also discusses innovation by large companies that are willing to put R&D resources behind employee ideas, whether that means improving automation in the disaster recovery process or increasing server density.

Modern Infrastructure Editor-in-Chief Alex Barrett shares behind-the-scenes details on the research for her January 2014 cover story on data center automation, and why DevOps and cloud computing push companies toward automation. Of course, scripting is nothing new, and some enterprises are simply dipping a toe into automation waters with small, repeatable tasks.

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