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IT shops buy cloud storage for surprising reasons

Source:  TechTarget
Designer: Christopher Seero

IT organizations buying cloud storage show interest in it for disaster recovery, but also for workloads typically kept on in-house storage systems.

Respondents to the TechTarget Cloud Storage survey consider a cloud storage purchase for the typical use scenarios of backup (63%), archiving (43%) and disaster recovery (42%). Yet, 50% of IT professionals considering cloud storage would use it as a primary location for production data. And 47% would buy cloud storage for collaboration and file sharing.

"I think a lot of organizations are going, 'Look, infrastructure is not our core competency. It's not what we are great at. We need to be really good at the applications, the service, the data analytics -- and that's where we need to focus our time, not the hardware,'"  Rich Nowalk, COO at Opex Technologies, a cloud advisory firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, said.

Not every organization can -- or should -- store corporate data on public cloud servers. Security and cost are factors to consider. But IT shops find it easier to purchase cloud storage than specifying and installing a new storage array.

"The biggest benefit [of cloud storage] is the pay-as-you-go model … if you run out of storage, you add more," said Ashish Nadkarni, a program director at research firm IDC.

Visit the infographic for expert insights into the reasons that IT organizations buy cloud storage, what file sync-and-share choices they make and more.

SearchCloudComputing site editor Kristen Knapp contributed to this article.

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