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Data centers spend to ease storage network management

Source:  TechTarget
Designer: Christopher Seero

Data center procurement pros investigating Ethernet-based storage networking are ready for easier management and simplified infrastructure.

Simplified data center and storage network management topped the "wants" list for 61% of respondents to the TechTarget Network Infrastructure survey considering Ethernet, along with simply converging the networks operating in the data center (51%).  

Converged networks run data center and storage data traffic in the same network infrastructure, as compared to the dominant data center architecture in which storage traffic has a dedicated loss-less network, such as Fibre Channel. While Fibre Channel still dominates in large enterprise data centers, protocols such as iSCSI and Fibre Channel over Ethernet show promise as alternatives.

While storage network management woes may be the biggest concern for data centers, Ethernet's technological promises don't fall far behind. Storage on demand and storage virtualization/segmentation also drove interest, with 43% and 41% of respondents, respectively, noting these as reasons to invest in Ethernet for the storage network.

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