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Virtualization management software must-haves

Source:  TechTarget
Designer: Christopher Seero

What tops your list when shopping for virtualization management software?

Most IT and business professionals expect virtualization management software to monitor server availability (67%), shows data from the TechTarget Cloud and Virtualization Management survey. They also want the software to monitor network capacity and utilization (56%), manage security on the systems (54%), inform capacity planning (54%), and manage configurations and changes (51%) among other tasks.

For all these expected features, the majority of virtualization procurement teams see price as a major factor in their buying decision (47%), followed by the capabilities and usability of the management console, and integration with the virtualization platform (both 42%).

Whatever capabilities your virtualization management software offers, going without it doesn't seem like an option: Of the 924 survey respondents, only 19% were currently operating the data center without a management tool for virtualization in place.

Get your peers' takes on virtualization management software decisions in the infographic, then click through to dive into disaster recovery purchasing decisions.

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