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Data center terminology that will get you hired


Define data center performance metrics to seal the deal

Source:  Michael Kloran
Designer: Michael Kloran

The point of learning about DevOps, change management, IT-business alignment and other hot data center terminology is to improve how back-end technologies and infrastructure perform to meet organizational needs and goals. The proof is in data center performance metrics.

When you're describing familiarity with these concepts at a data center job interview, always present your information in the context of process improvement and best practices. Define some data center performance metrics and how you'd ensure your team met them. Then explain how these performance metrics benefit the company.

For example, don't just point out that deduplication reduces demand for storage. Note that deduplication frees up storage resources for a new big data analysis project that will yield 20% higher customer response rates with minimal capital expenditures.

Research the company where you are interviewing. Are they under industry regulations? Do they value agility and customer acquisition, or do they delve deeply into services for a small group of long-time customers? Approaching the job interview with background information lets you tailor which data center performance metrics you discuss.

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