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Data center terminology that will get you hired


Define change management as a way to control data centers from above

Source:  Michael Kloran
Designer: Michael Kloran

Change management gives a single administrator control over the actions and performance of an entire fleet of servers.

We define change management as a systematic approach to support the sometimes unpredictable evolution of IT workloads and technologies in the data center. It is about automating workflows, configuration changes, patches and updates.

The definition of change management is increasingly merging with terms for data center automation and orchestration. Configuration and change management tools from vendors as diverse as SolarWinds and IBM give fewer admins control over a greater number of servers, network nodes and storage devices.

When the interviewer asks how you manage your time, or how you would improve time management in the data center, bring up change management. It's also an integral part of successful business project launches and expansions. If your data center can't adapt, your business only has two choices: abandon its growth projects or seek the back-end infrastructure support elsewhere, as in a public cloud and shadow IT.

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