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Announcing the 2015 Impact Awards winners


HotLink DR Express keeps data protection simple

Source:  TechTarget

HotLink DR Express 4.0 took home an Honorable Mention Impact Award for best data protection product.

Most IT pros agree that disaster recovery (DR) is hard to do. But it doesn't have to be if you have HotLink DR Express 4.0. It is a plug-in for VMware vCenter that provides backup/replication plus DR by recovering VMs within minutes of a failure on Amazon Web Services.

"We got it running in a short morning and have been protected ever since," one voter said.

HotLink DR Express is "effective, simple, quick to deploy ... and most importantly cost-effective," said one reader, who had never mustered DR before. "That allowed us to protect all our VMs -- not only the mission-critical ones."

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When we decided to go with the Amazon Web Services we found using the .NET download made the setting up of our AWS fairly easy. We did have to call the customer contact number to get information on how to use the interface and access the online tool kit that is designed for AWS. We found the tech assistance from the phone service was a valuable help when the AWS was integrated into our offices.
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