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Announcing the 2015 Impact Awards winners


Users tout LogicMonitor DevOps, cloud management tool

Source:  TechTarget

It's refreshing to hear about a monitoring suite that installs easily and is comprehensive, yet customizable. Add great support and a cost-effective hosted software-as-a-service model, and you've got a Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards winner for best DevOps and cloud management tool.

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based IT monitoring suite that Modern Infrastructure readers called out for its impressive ability to help them get up and running in a matter of minutes.

The speed with which LogicMonitor discovers new environments is "kind of scary," said Dale Rodriguez, a product manager at a managed hosting provider. "I was able to get 400 systems online in a couple of hours, compared with a week for other systems," he said.

LogicMonitor puts development and operations teams onto the same dashboards and alerts to improve communication and speed delivery. Its platform includes AutoDiscovery, a feature that automates discovery, configuration and management of monitoring.

And LogicMonitor's status as a cloud-based rather than on-premises tool is an asset, not a liability, voters said.

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Are you on board with hosted IT monitoring tools?
As of yet, my business is not on board with hosted IT monitoring tools for the simple reason it places our highly private and sensitive data into an arena where it could be compromised. Even with the fortifications and new security features most hosted IT monitoring tools have implemented, my business prefers keeping it in-house and having our own IT professional to oversee the system and tools. We lean toward "less is more" philosophies.