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Announcing the 2015 Impact Awards winners


Maxta MxSP lauded for software-defined storage products

Source:  TechTarget

Maxta's MxSP v2.0 was highly praised by Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards voters for its innovative approach to software-defined storage. Maxta's software-only option replaces a traditional storage area network by pooling storage on standard x86 servers.

"I chose this product as it is software-only and has all the features you expect from a hardware solution," said one reader.

What made Maxta stand out among other software-defined storage products was its ease of use and its support for multiple hypervisors.

"[MxSP is] very simple to install and administer. [It has] excellent performance and minimum training required. [MxSP can be] up and running in a couple of hours," another reader said.

"[It's] a very promising approach in the upcoming hyper-converged space," said another of Maxta's place in the emerging market.

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