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Top technological trends hitting the data center soon


Future apps need better security best practices

Source:  Thinkstock

Security must become fundamental to future apps design, according to Gartner.

"All roads to the digital future lead through security," said David W. Cearley of Gartner, speaking at the research firm's ITxpo 2014 in Florida.

Next-generation applications must capitalize on analytical technologies, but future apps also need native protection. These apps will protect themselves by collecting activity data, analyzing it in real-time and immediately reacting to perceived security threats. Start developing application security best practices that are compatible with the flexible, agile enterprise apps needed for modern businesses.

You can't just lock everyone out and lock applications down on the most secure physical systems, with no outside access. To support secure applications, security teams will need to join development and operations staff in the DevOps paradigm, according to Gartner. With security teams' input, developers can build in resilience and intelligence to enterprise applications that also run well and scale with user demand.

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