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Top technological trends hitting the data center soon


Be on top of emerging technology trends

Source:  Thinkstock

Emerging technologies like smart machines and user-friendly cloud computing inevitably affect IT staff and business computing capabilities -- sometimes in complex and disruptive ways.

Every enterprise relies on new technologies that will make employees more productive, improve the user experience, drive revenue growth and enhance service reliability.

At Gartner's ITxpo 2014 in Florida, the research firm's vice president and fellow David W. Cearley outlined the top 10 emerging technology trends that promise the greatest enterprise impact over the next year and beyond.

Although most of these technologies are not new, they have finally reached an inflection point of computing power, content and connectivity. Each of these emerging computing areas will levy a demand on the enterprise's data center capacity and sophistication, so plan to support them today -- the health and growth of the business may depend on it.

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