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Facebook servers and cold storage in action


Conservationism in the green data center design

Source:  TechTarget

Facebook brought green inside and left green outside, as part of a community outreach effort that any data center or business could replicate.

Facebook designed its Forest City campus to make use of the natural air flow in the region, to avoid over-cooling servers and wasting energy, and with additional eco-friendly touches like motion-sensor controlled lights.

But the green data center design doesn't stop indoors. Between the 350,000-square-foot main buildings and 90,000-square-foot cold storage facility where Facebook stores archival data, land is set aside for the dwarf-flowered heartleaf, a perennial evergreen plant native to the Carolinas.

In addition to the power awareness and conservation area, Facebook's efforts to integrate with the community include art contests for school children and an internship program with the local community college.

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