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Facebook servers and cold storage in action


Inside a hyperscale data center

Source:  TechTarget

Facebook's hyperscale data centers globally host hundreds of thousands of Open Compute Servers. Tens of thousands of them operate in each data hall at the Forest City, N.C. campus.

Hyperscale operations are not massive replicas of enterprise data centers, with a heterogeneous mix of server brands, hundreds of applications and a large staff to implement change and monitor the system. The average Facebook sysadmin handles 20,000 servers, thanks to standardization, automation and a failure-tolerant IT infrastructure.

Check out these photos from inside Facebook's data halls, looking at Open Compute servers and storage, cooling systems that Facebook designed, and more.

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Should enterprise data centers model their operations on hyperscale examples? Why or why not?
If you have nothing to sell and yet are successful, you must be doing something underhanded. this is the rule-of-thumb people use to identify deceptive businesses, tax shelters, and "fronts"of all types. What is FACEBOOK really selling? Whence comes its revenue stream? Strange things there be, on land, on sea!
I think it's pretty clear that what Facebook is selling is data, or at least access to it. And as we've seen from other businesses, that can be a very powerful product.