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Data center interview horrors and spooks


The evil twin, always awaiting IT disasters

Source:  Getty Images/iStockphoto

The interview with Mrs. I. D'Oppelganger was quiet at first -- I didn't even notice her come through the door. However, she did seem to be very clumsy. She knocked various objects off my shelf, which was strange, as the shelf was behind me and she was in front of me.

However, she did say that she had skills that would be of great use to us -- she could get the whole data center moving, and had I considered fault tolerance? Whether this would be in the right direction or not, I was unsure, but decided to take a chance on my last applicant of the day.

But when I went to create a personnel file for her, I saw an identical employee with the exact reverse name was already there -- at our disaster recovery site! When confronted with this, D'oppelganger cackled madly and vanished into a puff of smoke.

Story courtesy of Clive Longbottom, SearchDataCenter contributor.

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