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Data center interview horrors and spooks


It's alive! The patchwork server monster

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We received one résumé that seemed too good to believe, even for a certified doctor of server room design from Transylvania. When he arrived, we gave him an overview of our work, which was at a rather high end, then delved into the project he'd designed and built.

Well, he proudly showed us a monstrosity: Hardware was literally sitting on boxes and shelves, strung together by cables across the floor and in mid-air. Perhaps it worked, but still, this patched-together system demonstrated that he had no idea what server design and installation look like in the real world.

We ended the interview as politely as we could, and then sat and stared at each other in total disbelief. I've walked into some pretty horrendous facilities, but this was a monstrous contraption without compare.

Story courtesy of Robert E. McFarlane, SearchDataCenter contributor.

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