Ten ways to save money and lower data center energy consumption


Modular data centers offer quick deployment of extra compute power

Source:  lightmash/Flickr

Containerized modular data centers offer a unique approach to the problem of data center needs. If an enterprise outstrips its compute capacity and prefers to keep the server racks under close watch, these add-on facilities can stave off the need for a new data center. 

Some considerations for using modular data centers are the same as with regular data center construction -- building costs, power sources, location and security. But the added advantages of fast deployment, availability, energy efficiency and scalability are an attractive selling point for many companies.

Prefabricated units vary in size, shape and infrastructure. Less expensive models may come outfitted with racks and basic power and cooling support. More costly modules can come equipped with servers in the racks and more efficient cooling and power systems. But putting that additional compute power in place isn't simply a matter of flipping a switch. Connectivity, security needs and compliance with local ordinances should be in place before a final decision has been made.

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