Ten ways to save money and lower data center energy consumption


Embrace power management and DCIM tools

Source:  ThinkStock

The introduction of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools has given data center operators the platform they need to get a more in-depth view of where the most power-hungry components are in the facility. DCIM has also merged the functions of IT and facilities by gathering data on energy use inside the data center to assist with managing the power and cooling systems.

With a basic DCIM system, the total power used by the IT infrastructure can be compared to the power used throughout the facility to calculate the data center's power usage effectiveness (PUE). The PUE energy efficiency metric is one way an organization can determine how efficient its cooling system is performing.

More advanced DCIM tools feature computational fluid dynamics (CFD) integration to help manage airflow as new hardware is planned for the facility. More robust DCIM platforms include highlighting potential trouble areas before they become full-fledged issues.

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