Top 10 data center trends of 2012


More Internet-connected devices means a new data strategy

Source:  jamdesign /Fotolia

Today it seems that everything from cars to clothing has an IP address and some form of Internet connectivity. By 2020, Cearley said he expects more than 30 billion Internet-connected devices to be permanently online, with more than 200 billion more with intermittent connections.

These "intelligent" devices will feed enormous amounts of data to the Internet and allow companies to use that data for detailed decision-making. For example, consider using "smart" cars with usage-based insurance or taxes, or using intelligent trash cans that call for removal only when they're full. This will drive 'big data' and data analytics strategies for many organizations. By 2015, Cearley said he expects more than 70% of enterprises to appoint a single executive to oversee the company's Internet-connected entities.

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