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Quick Takes: Fighting spam on Linux

IntelliReach Corp., a security vendor, announced the latest version of its spam and content filtering appliance supports SuSE Linux. Also included in this edition of Quick Takes are items from Open Systems Management, Niku Corp., and IBM.

Spam filter supports SuSE Linux

Security management vendor IntelliReach Corp. of Dedham, Mass., announced today the new version of its MessageScreen spam and content filtering appliance supports SuSE Linux.

New features in version 4.3 include filtering at multiple layers and detection of the latest spamming techniques using real-time block lists, sender server verification, lexical scanning, predictive analysis and heuristic scoring. The appliances monitors message headers, body and attachments, applying more than 8,000 rules against each.

MessageScreen also integrates with Outlook and Novell GroupWise.

It is available at an average cost of $10 per user.

Click here for a free Webcase on MessageScreen

Auditing module moves to Linux

Open Systems Management Ltd announced this week the availability of its Secure Shell Auditing module for Linux systems. The module enables enterprises to restrict and report on access to systems by staff.

Legislative and auditing requirements are forcing enterprises to maintain tighter security on systems. Linux systems enable users to make changes to critical systems without being audited. Open Systems Management said its product fills that gap by allowing two user groups: a named user who can access and change only their own files; and a root user with unlimited rights.

Secure Shell Auditing reduces or removes the need for root access. It is used in combination with OSM's COSduty Operations Workflow Management software, which enables controlled extension of root privileges to staff by an administrator.

Roberta Witty, Research Director at Gartner said in a statement from OSM: "If Linux systems are to be adopted for mission critical applications within the enterprise, then careful and consistent management of identity information is vital to the adoption success."

COSduty-SSA is available from OSM as a standalone product or combined in OSM's identity management software.

Click here to download a white paper on COSduty-SSA

Niku open sources Project Workbench

IT management and governance software vendor Niku Corp. announced this week the release of its new Open Workbench to open source. Open Workbench is a project scheduling tool, and a competitive, free alternative to Microsoft Project, Niku said in a statement.

Open Workbench, based on Niku's Project Workbench, generates desktop project schedules based on resource constraints. One feature enables administrators to import Microsoft Project files, simplifying migrations from proprietary tools.

The code is available today as a free download from the Open Workbench site, while the source code will be available in August through SourceForge.

Click here to download Open Workbench

IBM offering Linux services in Mexico

IBM recently announced services in Mexico around open source on PCs, wireless devices, PDAs, point of sale terminals and other devices. The services include consulting and custom blueprints around security, productivity, and performance of their IT systems, while helping them lower software maintenance costs.

IBM supports Red Hat, Novell/SUSE and Conectiva. Its new services will focus on mimgrating call centers; technical workstations; kiosks, ATMs, and POS terminals to Linux.

The services include: Architecture and design services for Linux environments; analysis of current environment and migration path; software and hardware testing certification; assistance with Linux-based image creation and distribution, including enterprise applications migration services, consulting services, production support services, testing lab, call center, and maintenance services; management and monitoring of client devices; management and updating of new Linux versions to ensure compatibility and productivity education and training for systems developers, managers and users.

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