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Richard Petersen's Red Hat Linux quiz

Take Richard Petersen's pop quiz on Red Hat Linux!

In this quiz, author and IT instructor Richard Petersen tests your knowledge of Red Hat and Fedora administration....

Don't worry. We've got links to crib notes for you on our Featured Topic page. Petersen is co-author (with Ibrahim Haddad) of Red Hat: The Complete Reference Enterprise Linux and Fedora Edition from Osborne (ISBN: 0-07 -223075-4).

1. In what file would you find the configuration for the firewall set up by redhat-config-security?
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2. Where can you find the network configuration specifications for a particular device?
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3. What kind of DNS rule would you use to configure an IPv6 reference to a host?
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4. Is there more than one kind of IPv6 DNS rule?
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5. Do you need server software to access your printer?
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6. What is the prefered boot manager for Red Hat Linux?
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7. In a dual boot configuration where Windows shares the same drive with Linux, does Windows have to be installed on the first partition?
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8. Is there anyway to avoid managing file system partitions for users?
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9. Can RAID arrays be implemented on Linux without a hardware RAID controller?
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10. Does a digital signature require that a message be encrypted?
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