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This quick quiz tests your knowledge of

Before you take this quick quiz, you could bone up by reading the articles and Ask the Expert responses listed on the Featured Topic page. Or, you could just wing it, and see how you do! Good luck!

How to take the quiz:
After reading the question, note the letter of your answer. Check your answers by clicking the link to the answer key at the end of the quiz.

The quiz starts here:

1. Where can I find a filter for WordPerfect to use with

a. You can't filter for WordPerfect in
b. can use the Linux filter at
c. A filter is available in the latest version of
d. can use the Linux filter at

2. When using, if you want a page number on each page, you need to do two things. Choose two of the following tasks, and list them in the order in which they must be done. .

a. Look for an executable file named setup.
b. Put an automatic page number in the header or footer.
c. Choose Format > Style, click Headers and select the checkbox to turn them on.
d. Turn on headers and/or footers, since that's where things repeat on every page.
e. Select a set of numbering styles.

3. Are there lightweight OpenOffice format file viewers or browser plug-ins available for download on the Internet?

a. No.
b. Yes. You'll find them on
c. Yes. You'll find them at
d. Both B & C are correct.

4. How does one convert MS Word documents with bullets and numbered headings to

a. Select an existing set of numbering and bullet styles or create new styles in OpenOffice, and you can easily apply the right formatting this way.
b. Select an existing set of number and bullet styles or create new styles in MS Word, and you can easily apply the right formatting this way.
c. Select the text and choose Format > Default. Then reapply the style.
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
f. B & C

5. You can use 1.1's improved conversion capabilities to send around your documents to people on other office suites who need to edit the documents. To make it easy to do this, just…

a. Copy the 1.1 document and paste it MS Word before sending it to other people.
b. Choose File -> Export, and select Macromedia Flash as the export file type.
c. Tweak the settings under Tools -> Options -> Application -> General in the Compatibility section to see how the settings work best for the documents you use.
d. Click through from Tools -> Mail Merge, and you're walked through the process from soup to nuts.

6. Which new feature is not available in 1.1?

a. Choose Tools -> XML filters for some powerful features to be hooked up to the right XSLT.
b. There's also a new data type in the data source setup window (Tools -> Data Sources) for better support of MySQL.
c. See all object libraries registered with the operating system by choosing Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor > References to display the References dialog box.
d. In addition to exporting to HTML or saving them as Microsoft PowerPoint, you can export your Impress presentation to Flash.
e. There's an AutoPilot approach to creating a mail merge document, both to creating the document and the data source.
f. Both B & E
g. Both C & A


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