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Quick Takes: Novell announces full support for Linux

Novell Inc.'s Premium Service support option now covers Linux services, the company announced. Also included in this week's edition of Quick Takes are items from CodeWeavers, Cyclades, SuSE Linux and JBoss.

Novell extends Premium Service to Linux

Novell Inc. announced Wednesday that it will offer enterprise support for its customers' Linux environments from servers to desktops to remote installations.

Under Novell Premium Service, customer deployments are supported as a whole enabling customers to add solutions without having to purchase additional support contracts, the company said.

Support is a critical issue for enterprises using Linux, and the company said its recent acquisitions of Ximian Corp., and SuSE Linux AG have bolstered its engineering and support capabilities. Novell said Premium Services customers wouls have access to more than 600 Linux support engineers, with 70% of those in the field. Novell also has 10 customer support centers worldwide. Customers can buy either basic phone support or have a dedicated onsite engineer. There are also remote and managed services options available.

Novell also announced two new support programs for enterprises deploying Novell Linux on a limited basis. Customers can buy single server-based support for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server, paying only for the individual server(s) they choose. In addition, Novell is launching a Small Business Linux Support initiative, which delivers technical support on a range of Novell SuSE Linux and Ximian products, both at the server and desktop level, for companies with relatively small Linux deployments.

Click here for more information on Novell's Premium Service offering.

CodeWeavers debuts CrossOver Office upgrade

CodeWeavers, Inc. of St. Paul, Mn., announced today the availability of CrossOver Office 3.0 and the integration of its CrossOver Plugin browser plug-in into its CrossOver Office products.

CrossOver Office 3.0 enables more than 30 Windows applications to run on Linux, and has added new Linux support for Lotus Notes 6.51, Microsoft Outlook XP, Microsoft Project and Adobe Framemaker.

CrossOver Plugin, meanwhile, is no longer available as a standalone. Every Plugin volume license customer will be upgraded to CrossOver Office Professional.

Customers get six months of free technical support and upgrades. All multilicense CrossOver Office customers are automatically upgraded to CrossOver Office Professional status; these customers receive free product upgrades for 12 months plus 12 months of Level Two support.

Click here for more on CodeWeavers.

Linux-based KVM switch available

Data center management vendor Cyclades Corp. of Freemont, Calif., announced today the availability of its new Linux-based IP AlterPath KVM/net switch. AlterPath is an enterprise-class keyboard-video-mouse switch that enables data center administrators to manage servers from a Web browser.

AlterPath integrates with existing security systems and includes embedded server-based authentication with widely-used protocols (RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP and Kerberos) as well as user access lists per port. It also provides logging capabilities, allowing data center managers to control and audit multiple system administrators' access to different servers. This is required for incident cause identification, security audits, or compliance with government regulations.

Click here for more on AlterPath.

SuSE Linux 9.1 earns LSB certification

Novell recently announced that SuSE Linux 9.1 has been certified as an LSB Runtime Environment for IA32. Certification means that the OS conforms to the Free Standards Group's community-developed standard for Linux systems.

LSB standardizes core Linux functionality and GNU tools.

Click here for more on LSB certification.

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JBoss gets investment from Intel

JBoss Inc. announced this week that Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment program was part of the company's recent $10 million venture financing that included money from Matrix Partners and Accel Partners.

Intel will also provide JBoss with hardware resources and expertise to complete J2EE certification on the Itanium and Xeon processors as part of a new agreement between the two.

JBoss develops the open source JBoss Application Server, which has been downloaded four million times since its 2001 release, the company said.

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