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Know IT All Answer #1: Mozilla's navigation system

Linux Know IT All Answer #1: What is Mozilla's system for small navigation movements within a document?

Find out how much you know about Mozilla in's Linux Know IT All quiz.

Linux Know IT All Quiz Answer Page:

Linux Know IT All Question #1: What is Mozilla's system for small navigation movements within a document?

The answer to question #1 is C.
a. Recipe navigation occurs when the user calls on habit and memory to complete a task.
b. XUL (Extensible User-interface Language) is a standard way to exchange data that describes a program's user interface, or at least the portion of it that can be controlled by programming.
c. The focus ring is the right answer!
d. A sextant is an early navigational instrument used to gauge latitude at sea.
e. With a Flood Fill tool, you can fill a selection with a solid color or a gradient. preset pattern.

For more information on the focus ring, go to page five of Rapid application development with Mozilla: Chapter 8 -- Navigation by Nigel McFarlane. You'll also find information there about recipe navigation, XUL and the flood fill tool.

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