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Quick Takes: Developers dismiss SCO suit

A survey of 400 Linux developers falls in line with the sentiments of the rest of the industry when it comes to the SCO Group.

Survey says developers could care less about SCO

As the SCO Group reportedly prepares today to file suit against a commercial Linux user, a survey of 400 Linux developers released this week indicates the most toss aside SCO's suit against IBM Corp. like a few lines of bad code.

The Evans Data Corp. released the results of its Spring 2004 Linux Development Survey and the findings are overwhelmingly against SCO. More than 90% said the suit has no merit, while 8% said SCO had a case.

Most of the developers surveyed said their companies have examined the risks associated with implementing Linux and 13% said the suit would impact their adoption of the OS.

Two in five developers, meanwhile, were in favor of some kind of indemnification or protection from their distributors.

"Most people realize that, by demanding license fees, SCO wants the benefit of a court decision without actually trying the case, which is why their rants are met with jeers instead of fear," said Nicholas Petreley, an Evans' Linux analyst in a statement. "Also, Java is having a breakout year in Linux development. The open-source Java-based Eclipse development environment has shown astonishing growth in the past few years, and Java-based NetBeans isn't far behind."

The survey also revealed that Eclipse use has grown by 80% in the last year and is the most used IDE by Linux developers. It also identified the development tools most in need of help, namely source code management, error detection and debuggers.

More than 80% said Linux should be standardized beyond the kernel, 42% saying its "very important."

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Actuate certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Actuate Corp., an enterprise reporting applications vendor, announced this week that it had joined the Red Hat Ready program and was certified for use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Actuate Active Portal for Linux, the company's flagship software and a development portal for enterprise reporting applications, gives developers access to a set of pre-built Web pages and a library of user controls. It targets financial services institutions and enterprises building Web services. The portal enables developers to customize Web-based user interfaces for enterprise reporting applications and integrate reporting and analytic content from the Actuate iServer with existing applications.

Actuate Active Portal for Linux is generally available as part of Actuate iServer.

Click here for more information on Actuate Portal for Linux.

Linux makes its point-of-sale

Point-of-sale software vendor Sweda Corp. announced a new version of its supermarket system, Aurora L. The Linux-based system connects in-store applications like direct store delivery, labor scheduling and time and attendance. Aurora L also supports best-of-breed peripherals such as printers, signature capture devices and bar code scanners, protecting the retailer's existing hardware investment.

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Friedman to keynote Real World Linux

Novell heavyweight Nat Friedman will keynote the Real World Linux conference April 14 in Toronto.

Friedman, vice president of research and development with Novell Ximian Services, kicks off the conference, which is dedicated to Linux and open source for management and technology professionals.

Other speakers include CJ Coppersmith, director of Linux strategy Hewlett Packard, Dan Ryan manager of infrastructure and desktop management for the City of Calgary, Ed Kilroy, president of IBM Canada and Jon "Maddog" Hall, executive director of Linux International.

Click here for more information about Real World Linux.

Red Hat appoints new VP of operations

Red Hat Inc. announced today that it has appointed Joanne Rohde its new executive vice president of worldwide operations. Rohde was most recently managing director of information technology and chief procurement officer at UBS Investment Bank. She has two decades of IT sales and marketing experience.

Rohde will oversee Red Hat's enterprise products, services and IT organizations.

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