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Quick Takes: EDAC picks Red Hat as recommended platform

The Electronic Design Automation Consortium's new road map has Red Hat as its preferred platform on x86, Itanium 2 and Opteron architectures, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

EDAC selects Red Hat as recommended platform

Red Hat Inc. announced today that the Electronic Design Automation Consortium has selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its recommended Linux platform for the x86, Itanium 2 and Opteron architectures in the EDA Operating System Industry Roadmap.

The San Jose, Calif.-based consortium identifies and addresses issue pertinent to its members, in particular with relation to the tools, services and communications provided by its members.

RHEL 3 will be supported until May 2006, the consortium said. Support for RHEL 4, expected to be released by early next year, begins in May 2005. No end-of-support date was announced.

Red Hat is an associate member of the EDA Consortium. RHEL 3 supports seven hardware architectures including x86, Itanium 2, and Opteron.

Software from EDA member ISVs like Cadence Design Systems Inc. Mentor Graphics and Synopsys Inc. supports RHEL.

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Open Solutions certifies its products for Linux

Open Solutions Inc. announced that it has certified its core relational products for Linux.

Financial institutions running Open Solutions core relational products can now do so on Linux.

Open Solutions' data-processing solution also supports Windows and Unix on various hardware platforms.

Open Solutions uses Linux on its primary Oracle database servers that support The Complete Banking Solution (TCBS) and The Complete Credit Union Solution (TCCUS), the company's relational core data processing systems for banks and credit unions. In addition, Open Solutions' Technology Outsourcing Center, a multiple institution servicing center that is using many advanced technologies, also has Linux operational, giving financial institutions an additional application service provider (ASP) option.

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Royalty-free in-memory database available for Linux

McObject LLC has announced a royalty-free version of its eXtremeDB in-memory database for use in embedded systems.

Uses of eXtremeDB include demanding single-threaded telecommunications monitoring, manufacturing testing, and real-time simulation and analysis systems.

The single-threaded eXtremeDB, which is available in object code only, can also be upgraded to obtain database source code.

The single-threaded eXtremeDB is now available for Windows and x86-based Linux platforms.

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GOSapps supports Red Hat Linux users

GOSapps, a open-source software provider, recently announced support for Red Hat Linux. Green CapTgOSappsT supports versions of Red Hat Linux no longer supported by the Raleigh, N.C.-based distributor.

Red Hat recently announced it would no longer support versions 7.2, 7.3, 8.0. Support for RHL 9 ends April 30.

Green CapT Support from gOSapps provides full-life Linux R support services for business and government, including proactive Linux R security patches and custom driver development. Green CapT offers a variety of help-desk response options including 24 hour/7 days a week contact opportunities.

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