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Cloud provider SHI to use SUSE Enterprise for pay-as-you-go services

SHI to use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as primary OS for cloud services. OpenFabrics Alliance aligns OFED software with Linux kernel.

Pay-as-you-go cloud provider SHI International Corp. will now offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as its primary offering for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) customers. The move allows customers of the SHI cloud service to keep SUSE VMs up to date and fully supported. SHI said it partnered with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server because of the distribution's wide application compatibility. According to SHI, there are more than 9,200 certified applications that can be transferred from servers to SHI's cloud.

SHI joins Amazon, Dell, Intel and IBM as the latest cloud provider to adopt SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, according to SUSE.

According to SearchDatacenter’s 2011 Data Center Decisions Survey, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is tied for third place in data center adoption with CentOS, trailing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu Server.


OpenFabrics Alliance to align software with Linux kernel

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) announced Wednesday that distributions of OFA’s remote direct memory access (RDMA) software, known as OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED), will be aligned with the mainstream kernel starting with Linux 3.2.

The streamlining move “will eliminate the need for users to download a separate OFS stack to put on top of their operating system of choice, increase the quality and ubiquity of RDMA stacks across all Linux distributions, and help the role of OFS move from being an add-on item to an integral part of the core RDMA provider in every Linux operating system,” said Doug Ledford, Red Hat lead engineer for RDMA technologies, in the OFA press release.

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