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Red Hat thinks big data with MongoDB collaboration

News in brief: Red Hat partners with 10gen to provide MongoDB NoSQL database. Kubuntu gains new sponsor. Samba patch plugs security hole.

Red Hat and 10gen will collaborate to bring MongoDB, an open source non-relational database software, to Red Hat platforms. Using MongoDB's NoSQL database, Red Hat hopes to tackle big data and scalability needs in the enterprise.

The MongoDB software, along with best practices and blueprints for deployment, will be bundled with Red Hat's Enterprise Linux, OpenShift and JBoss Middleware systems.

Samba flaw discovered, patched

A 5-year-old vulnerability in open source file networking protocol software Samba was discovered and patched this week. The flaw, according to Samba's security release, allowed remote users to access root privileges and crash the service.

Users running Samba 3.6.3 and older could be affected by the flaw and are encouraged to download the patch. Samba versions embedded in Linux distributions will need a patch from Linux to fix the flaw.

New Kubuntu Linux sponsor

Canonical has dropped support for Kubuntu Linux, a distribution that uses graphical desktop environment KDE. But open source outfit Blue Systems will sponsorship for continued Kubuntu distribution.

According to a blog post by Kubuntu's Jonathan Riddell, the new sponsorship will allow the team to look ahead to projects for tablets, ARM processor support and perhaps a move to servers.

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