Viridity eases chargeback for server power: News in brief

Viridity EnergyCenter can help data center managers charge back for server energy consumption; and other data center news.

Viridity energy management software paves way to chargeback
The latest version of Viridity Software’s EnergyCenter data center infrastructure management software should make it easier for data center managers to bill application owners for their servers’ power consumption.

With the addition of user-defined asset grouping, EnergyCenter 2.0 administrators can group or filter data center assets based on an application or its owner, furthering budgeting and chargeback tasks. The new release can also monitor power consumption of individual VMware virtual machines, create graphical heat map reports of top power consumers and send out alerts when assets exceed power and utilization thresholds. In addition, the company expanded its Extended Data Center Genome Database to include power profiles of approximately 10,000 server, storage and switch devices, and improved its import/export capabilities for reconciling legacy asset management systems.

CoreVault launches VMware-powered hosting service
This week, CoreVault launched a cloud hosting service based on VMware vCloud Powered Hosting. The CoreVault service uses vCloud Director for deployment, migration and implementation in the company’s multi-tenant private cloud. The virtual hosting service includes built-in backup and recovery and comes with a high-availability service-level agreement. It is delivered from CoreVault’s SAS-70 Type II facility and is compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI.

Water-cooled air conditioner fits tight spaces
MovinCool’s new portable, water-cooled air conditioner was designed to be ceiling-mounted in server rooms that are too small to accommodate an air-cooled model.

Rated at 29,400 BTU/hour total, the new CMW30 is 20 inches high and features built-in mounting brackets, flanges and vibration isolators for easy installation using off-the shelf-hardware. It requires no external condensing units, refrigerant connections or charging, and has an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio of 17.0 thanks to its variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors. The CMW30 uses R-410A refrigerant and is RoHS-compliant.

Equinix expands Brazilian colocation
Equinix opened its third Brazilian data center in the São Paulo metropolitan area through its subsidiary ALOG Data Centers of Brazil. The facility provides approximately 400 cabinets and will expand to support 1,200 cabinets.

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