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Oracle takes Sun hardware renewals direct

IT pros debate pros and cons of sourcing Sun hardware renewals and maintenance from Oracle or third parties.

Data center pros are mixed on whether Oracle taking more Sun hardware renewals and maintenance business direct is a good thing or not.

News leaked this week that many Sun VARs that sold Sun hardware support and maintenance will lose that business to Oracle as of October 15.

Some in the IT trenches prefer to get support and renew contracts direct from their primary vendors anyway. One Wwest coast operations manager for a large Solaris shop said his company used to use partners for renewals and maintenance but dropped the practice.

"They always need to get discount approval from Sun directly anyway, so we asked to be direct and they agreed. In general, I've found resellers to claim they know what they're talking about but fail when you test them," he noted.

Bill Bradford agreed. Bradford, a senior systems admin at a Houston-based energy services firm who also helps run the website, said his company just relied on hardware warranty support direct from the vendor. "I've seen a couple of Sunfire 280Rs absolutely destroyed by incompetent third-party service providers -- -who had to pay to replace the systems," he said.

Other IT pros prefer to use third parties with whom they've had long relationships. They rely on the same VAR or integrator that advised them on technical buys to handle support and service as well.

A handful of large Sun VARs actually kept Sun hardware and software alive in many large accounts when Sun'sS itself was cutting back on inside sales future was in doubt and the company cut back on in inside sales and support capabilities. These IT pros said a third party with a local presence can do more handholding and provide more personal help than gigantic tech vendors.

And some customers just like the idea of having a choice for renewals and for maintenance support. But hardly anyone is surprised that Oracle is taking that business for itself. Oracle made similar moves with many of the software vendors it bought over the past few years that had allowed third parties to sell maintenance and renewals. Oracle now gets all that revenue for itself.

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