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Sun Microsystems releases new version of OpenSolaris

In today's news in brief, Sun Microsystems released a new version of OpenSolaris, and three major IT players join forces on data center energy efficiency.

Sun Microsystems releases new version of OpenSolaris
The new version of OpenSolaris, Sun Microsystems' open source operating system, has been released with updates to its networking, storage and virtualization capabilities.

The most important upgrade is to OpenSolaris' networking technology. Called Project Crossbow, which is in development, the networking feature includes improvements in network virtualization, resource management and I/O. The virtualization side allows users to create virtual network interface controllers and local area networks so that the networking information of virtual server instances can be isolated for better mobility. The resource management enables users to define the bandwidth assigned to each virtual guest so that minor applications don't hog resources and slow down mission-critical applications.

On the storage side, OpenSolaris 2009.06 has enhancements to ZFS (or Zettabyte File System), the operating system's file system. They include storage support in ZFS for flash devices for quicker read/write capabilities, and native support for the Common Internet File System, the file system for Microsoft Windows.

OpenSolaris 2009.06 can also now be used as a supported control domain underneath a virtualized environment on either Sparc- or x86-based Sun servers, so users can employ the network resource features of OpenSolaris without deploying the OS on the running virtual guests.

APC, Microsoft and NetApp run seminars on going green
APC, Microsoft and NetApp are hosting a series of half-day seminars on running more efficient data centers and servers. The "Go Green and Stop the Red" series is being held at technology demonstration centers across the country.

The seminars will focus on server virtualization, data management and modular data center design. For more information, visit the APC Events page.

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