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Intel shows off eight-core Nehalem EX

Intel's upcoming Nehalem EX chip will sport eight cores, supporting 16 threads.

Intel previewed its next-generation Xeon processor today. The company hopes that when the high-end expandable chip, which is code-named "Nehalem-EX," hits the market later this year, it will appeal to RISC processor users.

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The Nehalem-EX will feature up to eight cores per chip supporting 16 threads with Intel Hyper-threading technology and 24 MB of cache memory. It also includes reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features traditionally found in the company's Itanium processor family, such as Machine Check Architecture (MCA) Recovery.

It also packs nine times the memory bandwidth of the previous-generation Intel Xeon 7400 platform and offers four high-bandwidth QuickPath Interconnect links, as well as virtualization-assist technologies and other features included in the Nehalem processor already on the market: the Xeon 5500 series chip.

Intel hopes the new "beast of a processor" will lure users away from more expensive, proprietary RISC-processors and toward this new expandable Xeon chip, said Boyd Davis, Intel's general manager of the Server Platforms Group.

Nehalem-EX is scheduled for production in the second half of 2009.

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