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HP updates mission-critical services: News in brief

HP updates its mission-critical services, and other news in brief.

HP updates mission-critical services
Hewlett-Packard Co. updated its Mission Critical Partnership IT services today to enc a wider variety of servers, monitor them better and provide improved assessments. The program is targeted at IT shops' mission-critical environments, now expanded to cover more lower-end systems. The details on the announcement:

  • Mixed-level support covering low- and high-end systems, with responses based on the business risks involved.
  • A more streamlined approach to the human side of support, with one account manager acting as the main contact for a user.
  • The use of Insight Remote Support Advanced, which is monitoring software that runs in a user's environment so that HP support people can track and react to potential problems.
  • A more consistent set of assessment options.
The service is available today.

Digital Realty Trust
Data center real estate company Digital Realty Trust has bought about 34 acres of land in Ashburn, Va., next to its existing properties, increasing the potential data center footprint by 400,000 square feet.

The land includes a utility substation and will be part of Digital's expansion in this Virginia suburb about 30 miles west of Washington, D.C. The company is on schedule to complete a 135,000-square-foot data center by the end of this year, a facility that will include a total of 68,000 square feet of raised-IT floor space and 7,500 square feet of office space.

Yahoo gets go-ahead to build data center
The New York Power Authority has approved a plan for Yahoo to build a data center in western New York that would cost upward of $150 million. Construction could begin as early this fall. Yahoo had to secure 10 megawatts of power just for the first phase of construction. Not expected to begin until 2012, the second phase would require another 5 megawatts. The data center, which will be built somewhere near Buffalo, is expected to create 125 high-tech jobs.

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